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Foals - Holy Fire

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2013-02-11

Oxford indie mainstays Foals have really gone from strength to strength, and with third album Holy Fire there's something special bubbling away underneath the surface of what would at first glance seem simply a solid release and nothing more. There's no distinct change in style from previous album Total Life Forever, but there's an ambience with this record which possibly sets it apart from its 2010 predecessor. 'Inhaler', the first single, has a real spiritual presence and maintains a somewhat creepy atmosphere throughout. Interspersed with plunging guitars and a mainly minimalist approach its a high point on the album.

The usual and typical indie sound is there, obviously, with songs like 'My Number' not really adding anything except some nostalgic charm. The whimsical 'Everytime', meanwhile, offers the rhythmic resonance you'd imagine from a band as talented as Foals. Frontman Yannis Philippakis has a mesmeric voice and we hear it reverberate throughout this record. There's real pain and anguish there yet some sort of optimism remains.

With 'Moon', the record ends on more of a melancholic and downbeat note. However, this isn't representative of an album which croons its way along and stylishly strolls by. Foals will probably get the recognition they deserve for Holy Fire, and you'd expect the band to really grow and grow. This might be their most defining album yet.

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