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Tilman Hartley - To Basics

by Graham Rees Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-01-12

Tilman Hartley's debut LP is a charming but frustrating release. The press notes say that it's unlike any other release you'll hear this year. And they're not wrong. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing will largely depend on your point of view.

All of the common indie tropes are here: The chords, the guitars, the structures - but there's something lacking. The DIY approach can often be the making of a band, a signature sound, and this album is no different, but the production here is a major weakness. Which is a shame, because the writing here is genuinely strong. Some of the lyrics are fantastic and humourous - clever too. It's just a shame that such good content comes wrapped in less than stellar wrapping - it's hard to see past it.

Hopefully, next time around, this will be improved and we'll really be able to see what Tilman Harley can do.

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