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The Bronx - IV

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2013-02-04

Call me an ostrich but I have never heard of The Bronx (the band) before. However I have just found out that ostriches do not stick their heads in the sand so that has rendered the first sentence of this review completely and utterly pointless, but what the hell, we'll keep it in anyway. So The Bronx, for the uninitiated, are apparently a hardcore punk band, been going since 2002 and still containing three of their original members.

After listening to the first couple of tracks ('The Holy Hand', 'Along for the Ride'), it's pretty clear they are steeped in the very traditions of what made punk so in-your-face and of-the-masses. They mix the DIY ethos with a sound which swipes aside the bubble-gum of Green Day or the immaturity of the best-forgotten Sum41. This is straight-ahead stuff more in the camp of Fugazi in their later years. Matt Caughthran's fiery, throaty roars uncannily recall Ian MacKaye at his most angsty and belligerent.

The songs on IV are a blaze of white heat (apart from the lighter-above-your-head slowie 'Life Less Ordinary'), mixed with a torque of urgent but lean power chords. Although the music is full-throttle, the gutsy melodies reveal a cache of brooding songs. Caughthran doesn't hold back on spittle-flecked tirades as 'Under the Rabbit'. There are many phrases that you use to describe to his vocal: Cathartic, nihilistic, but I'd say it's more agitated pugilism.

So much force in the songs also recalls The Stooges circa Raw Power, never more obviously than on 'Ribcage'. The pounding drumbeat sets a thinly-veined mood as Caughthran lambasts us with such lyrics "This is an interrogation for information, that you're having…. You're gonna spill your guts out".

Dark, passionate, aggressive and uncompromising - is that how you like your music? Sounds like you probably need some IV in your life.

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