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Funeral for a Friend - Conduit

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2013-01-28

To say that Conduit is snappy is really underselling the direct approach Welsh alternative metal outfit Funeral for a Friend have taken on their latest release. With a running time of 29 minutes and with 11 tracks, there's definitely a punk ethos at work, yet Funeral for a Friend manage to maintain their own unique sound and their status as one of the best alternative metal/post-hardcore bands around today.

This is a different album to Hours or Tales Don't Tell Themselves. For instance, on both albums the band took their time, producing finely crafted songs which often fused metal and softer sounds. Here we have an album that goes straight for the throat. It's more Gallows than it is Silverstein. On the title track, we hear the kind of spine-tingling guitar riff this band always have in their locker but there's also a real undercurrent of darkness and a sense that there's something boiling beneath the surface.

The band haven't lost their resonance and their ability to drop a seriously catchy chorus, displayed perfectly on 'Best Friends and Hospital Beds', which has genuine and honest lyrics bled out by frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye. And when they just go for it at breakneck speed it sounds like their best material for years. However, because they are such a fantastic band, you actually want the songs to last longer.

That's a real dilemma, as the songs are short and at times you feel the band haven't even got going. It makes it as a whole feel less cohesive. Then again, this style suits FFAF perfectly and this is a record which needs to be turned up to 11 and appreciated for what it is - a brilliant punk rock record. Even through a number of line-up changes, including the most recent addition of former Rise to Remain drummer Pat Lundy, this band continue to be at the forefront of the UK post-hardcore scene.

Funeral for a Friend sound as young and vibrant as they ever have, and the fact that they continue to release top-quality material and stay at the peak of their game is a testament to how special they are.

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