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Traditional Fools - Traditional Fools

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2013-01-21

What is there to say about Ty Segall that hasn't already been said? The man is a machine when it comes to recording; I mean who else could knock out three albums in one year? Yeah ok, Green Day had a go but they aren't even pissing in the same pool quality-wise. Besides releasing material under his own name, he has also worked with his old mate Mikal Cronin on the re-release of Reverse Shark Attack. Traditional Fools is an album he did back in 2008 as the band with the same name, which only put out this one album of effervescent surf-rock.

Sprinkled with psychedelic swirls and a dearth of coherent vocals, this album treads very familiar ground musically but sounds much more like the rabble-rousing, ramshackle approach of a bunch of guys colliding and just having fun. Imagine how Wyld Stallions may have turned out if they hadn't been a mere figment of their imagination and dosed up on acid tabs, you got it? Yeah, you got it.

In all, there are 12 songs totalling less than 25 minutes here, and it's a rollercoaster, white-knuckle ride throughout as the breakneck-speed delivery and acid-fried frenzy just keeps on feeding and feeding. They switch from the spaghetti western twang and wanton noise of 'Get Off My Back' to the stellar, monolithic 'Davey Crockett', which leads into a false send of security by nodding a cap to country before launching into a psychotic vocal and schoolyard-scrapping chants. Duane Eddy would be proud of 'Layback!!', which is suitably accomplished by a blaze of feedback and free-to-roam guitar blitz.

I am not sure how Segall has been able to hide such a cathartic gem from us for so long, but it more than laid the foundations for the work he has consistently produced over the last five years. I very much doubt there will be many better re-releases in indie-scuzz-pop circles in 2013.

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