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Everything Everything - Arc

by Dan Clay Rating:9 Release Date:2013-01-14

So with 2013 barely under way, already one hotly-tipped band has released possibly one of the most interesting, accessible and alternative albums of the year; laying down a huge marker for all to follow with a giant trail of metaphorical, masculine Manchester urine. Though their debut Man Alive missed out on the Mercury prize, the follow up deserves the acclaim it will probably get. And what better way to kick things off than with the funky disco-pop of lead singles '

', the latter's delightful falsetto marking it out as one of the best ways to beat those winter blues.

From there things get even better with a stirring use of strings, rhythm and melody on standout tracks 'Duet' and the smoother 'Armourland'. Even the softer, more melodic offerings of 'Undrowned' and 'The Peaks', the latter a stunning soundscape of clashing instruments, come off like Sigur Ros on a serious caffeine perk. However, once the stark industrial opening of 'The House is Dust' has given way to a quiet, soulful vocal, you'll be totally sold, ready for the euphoric delights of the aptly-titled 'Radiant'.

There may be some who find the lack of consistent tone a little irksome, but for those who like their music melodic, passionate and above all fun, Arc really does showcase a band giving it everything - and I mean everything.

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