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Until the Bird... - Dwelling

by Nathan Fidler Rating:4 Release Date:2012-11-26

The folk rush has yet to end. Until the Bird... attempt to blend the sound of folk and Americana. It is this blend which helps their EP, Dwelling, musically but hinders it vocally and lyrically. 'From a Welsh Kitchen' sounds breezy and positive, while 'Collateral' has a clinky and close sound which draws your attention.

However, all the songs are generally ruined by a fairly bland and annoying vocal delivery. Trying to sound as British as possible, David Hawkins comes across as blunt and plain, making it hard to appreciate any of the lyrics. It's not that he can't sing but his voice certainly doesn't suit the songs.

Flourishes of guitar on 'Triage' bring a sad twinge of the Americana, making it the track to go for if you're going to pick one. But twisting veins of violin on 'Category Mistake' are overridden by belching brass and never seem to gel together quite as well as they ought to.

All the basics are here in the music, but the delivery of the vocals is off-putting and only help to make all the songs blur into one long droning tale of how quaint things are in folky old England.

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