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Crystal Castles - III

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2012-11-07

There's definitely a sense with Crystal Castles third album that the group are exploring a significantly larger amount of dark territory than on their previous two outings. Opener 'Plague' feels like it's come from the depths of despair yet there's some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, which says a lot about Crystal Castles and the record as a whole.

Lets be honest, this isn't a record that you can easily rave to; it's minimalist at times, experimental and has the feeling of oppression running all the way through it, so if you're looking for an album full of party anthems - this isn't it. There is, however, a lot of beauty to this record, each track is comparable to a tapestry with the electronics as the colours laced on top.

There are some tracks which alienate, though, but that's pretty much what Crystal Castles are about right? You're thrown right into the music and, whether it's experimental and nonsensical or fantastic, it's hard to not be entranced by it. 'Sad Eyes' is a track which probably follows most regular musical guidelines but is still out there, yet it just works in the context of the album.

Crystal Castles are masters of this sort of electronic circus and, as a listener, it's mystifying yet utterly captivating. On one level, it's music you can just listen to and let it wash over you, but on another, you want to find out what's behind the songs, what the story is. There's a certain enigma about this band but that doesn't stop the music from being a really high-quality.

The album finishes with 'Child I Will Hurt You', which is a haunting yet beautiful and melancholic climax to an album full of mystery and sadness alike. III is an album which gives to you what you bring to it. If this isn't your thing don't bother, but if you want something broodingly dark, experimental and ultimately beautiful then this is it.

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I'm a diehard CC fan and I wanted so bad to love III, but I just can't -_-

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