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Win Win - Double Vision

by Steve Reynolds Rating:5 Release Date:2012-10-15

Double Vision is the new album by Brooklyn trio Win Win who have been saddled with the post-electro tag, and I find it risible that fellow music journos are so quick to stuff a band into a genre. Personally, it sounds like a clever mix of electronic moves and shakes coupled with more than a fair share of Super Furry Animals medieval leanings and tinkerings at times.

Opener 'Salt Days Minus' is a fervent dark assault; it's all fried knobs and twiddles while the mind-numbing motorik drumbeat recalls shades of Substance era Joy Division. The vocals slowly seep into the mix and the "No more salt days" water torture vocal pushes the repeat button, producing an earthy and promising start. 'Ones and Zeros' is much more regal and polished. The keys snake, twist and turn against a vocoder-laced vocal.

Win Win like the mix of electronic and guitar, as on 'Birdgun', where the overdriven guitar sits comfortably against the Norman Cook-style big beat sound. 'Salt Days Plus' is much darker, hitting us with some pretty dreadful gospel vocals: "Laugh out loud but don't laugh alone/ Stand up proud, your feelings have grown". It's almost childlike; sixth-form at its best.

As I wade through 'Make a Toast' and 'After the Wait', I am left wanting a bit more roughness on the delivery or at least a few more hooks to grab onto. Maybe the band decided they would rather leave it to Errors, who seem more than capable of making a go at this type of music rather than the lame and hamfisted road that Win Win have gone down. There is an overwhelming feeling of trying to be too clever and self-indulgent for my liking on this, as cemented by the yawnsome and lethargic 'Landloper'.

A bit of a damp squib.

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