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Peter Broderick - These Walls of Mine

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2012-10-22

Oregon's Peter Broderick, a natural successor to Bon Iver's 'experimental soundscape' throne, should he ever decide to relinquish it, gives us his statement of intent with this collection of unusual but absorbing tracks. From the atmospheric 'Inside, Out There' to the acapela joy of 'Til Danmark', Broderick's keenly aware of the experimental nature of his work, even going so far as to provide a rough cut and completed take of the title track; a talky but dark number which sits neatly amid the other offerings here.

So while the repetition on '

might stick to Bon Iver's tried-and-tested formula of moody introspection, in fact the sprightly folk of 'Freyr!' and slow-build of 'When I Blank, I Blank' showcases a more joyful side to this one-time session musician.

Clearly at home on his most commercial solo outing yet, the warm acoustic glow of '

' best encompasses Broderick's talents here; music and talk combining to sound like something off an Americana film soundtrack.

These walls do speak then - powerfully.

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