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Errors - New Relics

by Looka ! Rating:6 Release Date:2012-10-01

After the release of the brilliant Have Some Faith in Magic earlier on this year, this eight-track album is something of an anti-climax/come-down (depending which side of the fence you sit on). Sure, there is consistency and some very nice moments on the album; the opening instrumental feels like a nostalgic trip back to the 90s arcade games and could quite easily soundtrack a generation of Golden Axe, Shinobi fans. This gives way to 'Ammaboa Glass', which is reminiscent of Joy division circa Closer with a tinge of Gary Numan-style synths to lift the track.

Unfortunately, the album rarely if ever strays from this formula. Throughout, each track it is all very much the same. 'Relics' slows the mood down with dreamy, almost gothic vocals and is possibly the standout track. From here on, there is little in the form of dynamics or progression from this sound. 'Hemlock' is a more uptempo number which keeps the same feel as the rest of the album - but at least shifts the pace up a gear.

The most disappointing thing about the album is the general lack of ambition shown compared to previous offerings. It never feels as though it's going anywhere, and what is disheartening is that it seems happy to stay that way. However, it would be unfair to completely disregard New Relics as it does little to offend the listener and is very well executed. The songs are textured and produced beautifully. It's not going to change your life or even your day, but it does sit nicely as a chilled-out background album if you need to take some time out. Let's hope the next release sees a return to their blistering selves.

Overall, Its almost as if New Relics is the shy somewhat weedy relative of Have Some Faith In Magic. He's a real nice guy but please leave him at home next time.

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