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Folks - I See Cathedrals

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2012-10-01

Mention Indie bands and Manchester and automatically Oasis, Stone Roses and The Charlatans spring to mind. So while the city's newest musical offspring may have toured with Noel Gallagher, it's refreshing to see their brand of pop ditties in fact don't rely just on crunchy guitars and a whole load of swagger.

Instead, lead singer Scott Anderson (sounding remarkably like The Manics' James Dean Bradfield at times) and his crew have assembled some carefully constructed and often thoroughly delightful tunes to help banish autumnal blues. So while the Oasis influence shines through on the gospel-infused 'My Mother' and 'Where Does the White Go?' - itself sounding similar to the former's 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' - at least there's a sort of fresh, Mystery Jets sound to tracks such as 'Avalanche' and the sprightly lead single '


Throwing around an obvious Kinks and Beatles influence doesn't harm them either, with 'People I've Known' sounding like a lost Ray Davies classic, and both 'Ink' and 'Venom' impressing with some acoustic joy. Even when the Gallagher-esque stomp of '

' and 'Do the Right Thing' threatens to upset the rhythm (although they're both good songs), along comes closing track 'The Ship' to remind us just how much potential Anderson must have, delivering a measured, heartfelt piano ballad to see us out.

I see a bright future for these guys.

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