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Hanetration - Torn Heat EP

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2012-09-15

Enigmatic London-based producer Hanetration unleashes another free EP of downright sonic otherness. Here, ambient synth washes merge with unsettling church organ; stuttering, shuffling percussion is overlaid with warm waves of pure, polyphonous sound; and quasi-classic dirges such as the beguiling 'Sixth' rub up against the glitching, queasy, overwhelming hell of closing track 'Flicker'. It all makes for some very intense, uneasy listening, which, if you like that kind of thing, means Hanetration is definitely someone you want to cock an ear to.


And what to make of the pixelated cover, its artwork so similar to previous EP Tenth Oar, of which Torn Heat is, of course, an anagram? Is Haneration trying to tell us something or what? As the tenth Doctor once said of the Face of Boe: "That is textbook enigmatic".


Get the album now on Bandcamp.

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