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Levek - Look a Little Closer

by Dan Clay Rating:5 Release Date:2012-09-24

There's nothing wrong with a little variety on an album. In fact, some of the best albums in recent years like to mix things up a little rather than giving us 12 tracks of the same. Dance music slows it down at times and rockers like Foo Fighters turn off the electric for some acoustic gems. However, Levek (aka David Levesque) has decided to produce an album of two frustratingly mismatched sides.

The good? Well, look no further than the soulful, experimental opening 'Black Mold Grow' or the wonderful, harmonious Simon & Garfunkel-like '

', the latter destined for a place on a Zach Braff film soundtrack. Warm, gentle acoustic gems seem to be Levek's forte, as on 'With a Slow Burn', which means it's odd that most of the album is anything but - the not so good, basically.

The lounge-music monotony of 'Terra Treasures', 'Muscat Mingle' and 'French Lessons' might owe a debt to Air, but lack the melodic hooks to stop them dispersing without much to hold them together. Look a Little Closer is good advice; if Levek follows the former path and produces soft acoustic gems then he's one to watch, if not, he may have to watch out.

This album is a USA Release only at the moment

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