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Sauna Youth - Dreamlands

by Al Brown Rating:4 Release Date:2012-09-03

The first track here ('Town Called Distraction') is a spoken word thing with a nervy, motorik jam going on in the background. I say background, but actually the scratchy guitar, pummelling bass and, uh, drums are pretty loud and make it difficult to catch all the words unless you concentrate unreasonably hard (for 10 minutes). Anyway, I think it's about going to the supermarket, and you might like it if you like '


It's a red herring, though: Sauna Youth are actually fairly standard thrashy indie, like Ty Segall if he was a bit more post-punk (when I say post-punk, I mean it's repetitive). It's all a bit too familiar and tedious. The (loud, repetitive) bassline on 'PSI Girls' is absolutely doing my nut in as I write this - it's like being attacked by the world's most boring hammer-wielding maniac.

Are the lyrics any good? I don't know, they're mostly inaudible; 'cos it's recorded in that hip lo-fi manner, where all the levels are wrong and you can't really make anything out (a legitimate aesthetic decision, you say? Well yes, but a shit one). Anyway, the ones that come through seem to be about those pillars of 20-something existence: ennui, anxiety, doing too many drugs and getting freaked out by everyday situations (probably).

I don't really get it: if I wanted to hear your songs like this I'd come and see you in a venue with shit sound and a shitter soundman, Sauna Youth. Or maybe I'd turn it up to the point it makes my speakers and eardrums buzz. I'd at least like the choice though. And yeah, some bands have the sheer force of personality and dynamite hooks to blast through all that clanging and buzzing; but some don't.

And I realise exactly how much I sound like Homer Simpson in Homerpalooza when I talk about not being able to hear the words and stuff, but I just can't share your bleak worldview, Sauna Youth. I've got too much to live for.

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