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The Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2012-09-22

Last year, The Cosmic Dead released their self-titled debut album, just under 80 minutes of interstellar, planet-sized psychedelic workouts which concluded with a 40-minute jam entitled 'Father Sky, Mother Earth'. It was clear from these beginnings that The Cosmic Dead weren't going to be a band to do things by halves. Their latest release seems to support this theory. The Exalted King certainly hasn't reigned in their love of lengthy jams with the first track alone seconds away from the 35-minute-mark.

You're either going to find the experience self-indulgent and frustrating or become completely lost in their seductively hallucinogenic vapour trails. It's the band's lack of compromise which makes them such a refreshing prospect but also what will inevitably divide opinion; I happen to think they're making some off the most mind-expanding psychedelia I've ever heard.

The three tracks here ('The Exalted King', 'Anatta' and 'Anaphora') make up 70 minutes of free-roaming psych-rock that could make straightedge Fugazi man Ian MacKaye feel like he was 'seriously tripping off his balls' (or something to that effect). The Exalted King is all the fun of a six hour stint on magic mushrooms without the inevitable paranoia, exhaustion and embarrassing speeches.

The band is gaining new fans with every performance and has even performed with king-of-psychedelic-improv Damo Suzuki. The Exalted King is another chapter in what feels like one massive, never ending psychedelic jam and it'll be exciting to see where they take us next. The band has said this release isn't even the official follow-up to their debut so expect another 'proper' album soon.

If you've enjoyed records by White Hills, Eternal Tapestry, Mugstar, Sylvester Anfang II or The Heads and have an appreciation of Japanese psych-rock legends Les Rallizes Denudes then The Cosmic Dead are definitely the band for you.

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