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The Killers - Battle Born

by Dan Clay Rating:8.5 Release Date:2012-09-17

Plenty of bands prefer to pack albums with banging singles and then pad in a bit of filler. While Las Vegas' The Killers' last three albums could certainly be accused of that, it was on the strength of those singles that albums like Hot Fuss and Sam's Town sold so well. Now, after Day & Age's rather lukewarm reception, can The Killers turn in a truly killer album at last?

Well, much like war movie-comedy Tropic Thunder, it seems going 'full' can have its advantages and here Brandon Flowers and co go full Springsteen, and it really pays off. Opener '

'; a terrific blast of melodic rock that packs a killer chorus.

Elsewhere, the slower 'The Way It Was' and 'Here With Me' sound like the boss delivering a power-ballad (no bad thing) while on the stirring 'Miss Atomic Bomb', Flowers goes for some kind of Bono vocal dexterity and pulls it off. And while the country-tinged 'Heart of a Girl' and 'From Here on Out' might frustrate those who don't enjoy the band's more bonkers side (you only have to catch their Christmas singles for evidence of that), they're still hugely enjoyable.

However, while the closing title track delivers a terrific rock number to finish, this is one of those rare occasion when it's really worth forking out for the deluxe edition. Of the additional songs, 'Carry Me Home' and 'Flesh and Bone' (remixed by Jacques Lu Cont), the former really deserves a place on the album with its sing-along chorus, while closing track '

' is so good it's perplexing it didn't make the cut with its brass-backing, mind-invading chorus and crunchy guitar - it's probably the band's best song to date.

With some terrific singles, that 'Boss' influence and a great mix of styles, it seems The Killers have delivered their most complete, most satisfying and best album to date.

Download - 'Flesh and Bone', 'Runaways', 'Prize Fighter'

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