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Zeus - Busting Visions

by Miz DeShannon Rating:5 Release Date:2012-08-06

Highly-acclaimed Canadian band Zeus.... I'm struggling with this one. Having been hailed as 'awesome' and with statements like "epic three-part harmonies... all of their own" being thrown around, I'm also struggling to think whether I've been listening to the same band as some people. Yes, Zeus might be awesome as in they're playing a great genre, so that's a somewhat more acceptable statement than the rest, but really, they sound like a Queen tribute act. There aren't any wry nods to certain glam groups from the 70s, it's all more-or-less copied, harmony-by-harmony, note-by-note.

It's a fine musical era to base your sound on, of course, and many acts do. It's hard to be completely innovative and not be influenced by something already prominent in this day and age, but give whatever you're making a bit of your own oompf, please. The tracks on Busting Visions sound great but time after time, it's Queen, with some Rolling-Stones-meets-Elton-John parts on rare occasions, namely on album opener 'Are You Gonna Waste My Time', which is quite the classic, driving rock song. A little folkiness creeps in on 'With Eyes Closed' and 'Proud & Beautiful', with some lighter guitar parts, while 'Hello, Tender Love' is much more classic rock; a ballad, and less theatrical, thank goodness. But then, for the closer, it'a back to Queen. Darn it.

After numerous tracks which don't really detour from the Brian May way of writing guitar parts and the Freddie Mercury style of vocal structures, it doesn't make for a very exciting album by the time you're near the end. And the end doesn't change enough to alter this opinion. From the boogie-woogie paino and plodding bassline of 'Love Pain' or 'Cool Blue', which would fit well into the Bugsy Malone soundtrack, to the soaring harmonies of 'Strong Mind', you can't get away from the mimicking and lack of ingenuity. It doesn't stop. I think Zeus have taken the sentiment of 'Don't Stop Me Now' a bit too far.

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