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Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2012-09-03

It's hard to know whose club to join at the moment; there seem to be so many around. Fortunately, Two Door's club feels remarkably similar to Bombay Bicycle's - full of sprightly melodies and earnest vocals; no doubt helping propel them high up the radio playlist. It helps that their second album, coming a two years after their well-received debut, Tourist History, is fronted by probably their best song to date in the form of the sparkling '

', which builds from a tapping intro into a driving melody you can't help but enjoy.

While opener 'Next Year' does well to match it for pace and spirit, there are not enough of those moments to stick in your head the way both 'Something Good Can Work' and 'What You Know' managed to do on their debut - the sort of songs you didn't know you knew until you hear them again and then their melodic rhythm sets you off. Instead, the rather one-note 'Wake Up' and over-familiar 'Someday' don't really stretch the band beyond their comfort zone; although fans though will no doubt enjoy them nonetheless.

Thankfully, the fuzzy jazz of 'Sun' and Mystery Jets-like 'The World Is Watching' manage to twist the formula's over-reliance on top-string guitar playing, with the latter emerging as one of the album's standout tracks and a possible future single. Much like Bombay Bicycle then, Two Door have managed to keep fans content on a solid, if slightly unspectacular follow-up which certainly shows there's enough fire within to light a beacon for a decent future ahead.

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