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Spector - Enjoy It While It Lasts

by Greg Spencer Rating:7.5 Release Date:2012-08-13

Spector are a band who are evidently on the rise, and after playing the festival circuit this summer it's easy to see why they're getting their fair share of attention. When they played the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this year, you could see how young their fan base is and how many of these kids copy frontman Fred Macpherson's style with his 80s suits and 60s slick-back hairstyle. The question you then have to ask yourself is whether the music is good or is it all surface and no substance?

What Spector do have is confidence. There's a brimming knowingness throughout Enjoy It While It Lasts and that's great up to a certain point. The album has a handful of really enjoyable upbeat songs which give Spector a real niche quality and genuinely sets them apart from any other bands at the moment. Songs like 'Chevy Thunder', 'Twenty Nothing', and 'Celestine' are the strongest and play to the band's strengths, with frantic guitar and keyboard work fused with imaginative vocals from Macpherson. These are the songs which make the record tick and are authentically delicious.

However, the slight downfall of the album comes with the more lethargic offerings like 'Grey Shirt & Tie' and 'Grim Reefer', which fail to inspire, the latter a song which shouldn't have made it onto the record at all as it has 'mediocrity' written all over it and Spector don't seem like a band who would settle for average. That said, there is definitely substance to found. Final track 'Never Fade Away' provides pure emotion. As it draws to a climax Macpherson croons: "Whatever you ask of me, I will obey/ Just give me the word, I'll start fading!/ I'm down on my knees/ Could I get much more clear? Give me the word and I will disappear".

Enjoy It While It Lasts is a fitting title for a record which has its influences stuck firmly in the past, which is by no means a bad thing. It's also a record fuelled by fast-paced indie anthems but brought down to earth by the faltering slower tracks. At least Spector are a band who are doing exactly what they want and if their style alienates them somewhat, I don't think they could care less.

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Spector - Enjoy It While It Lasts - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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