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Peter And Kerry - La Trimouille

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2012-07-30

It's easy to tell how Peter and Kerry formed: Both of them have fantastically effervescent and soulful voices which simply make them a joy to listen to. Equally as important, their voices fuse together beautifully. The captivating thing about La Trimouille is how the album engineers a great mix of electronic sounds paralleled by the two enchanting voices, never loses its pace, although it could do with having more heart.

The songs are diverse and intriguing for the most part that you feel Peter And Kerry could sing about washing the dishes and still make it interesting. There are so many pace changes on the record, which would make some albums tricky to engage with but it's really for the better on La Trimouille as the songs stay fascinating throughout. You get a sense while listening that these two people are quite kooky and interesting and it does come across in the music which can be a good aspect but also a bad trait.

There are points in the record where you want them to lay off the electronics and the offbeat lyrics and just give us something real. The trouble is that some songs simply lack substance and don't feel pure. They're musically interesting but you just want Peter and Kerry to sit down and record a couple of slow acoustic tracks to balance the album out a little. The song that comes closest to this is 'Connecticut' which is one of the best tracks on the record. With a slow and emotionally meandering tone, it feels like a song with real purity.

You end up wanting more of this sort of melancholic sound and raw emotion from the record. Although tracks like 'I Don't Know' and 'Cirque' are excellent, the feeling is that the album has too many overproduced pop songs and not enough tenderness. Overall, it is a great record which does have a lot of catchy songs which will make you smile but you feel that if Peter and Kerry would've added a few slower songs to La Trimouille it could have been perfect.

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