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Geva Alon - In The Morning Light

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2012-07-16

In the Morning Light is an album full of panache and imagination which comes right from the heart of Israeli virtuoso Geva Alon. Granted, it's a pretty slow and ponderous listen but that doesn't take away from the obvious talent Alon possesses. All the way through the record there are glimpses of Cat Stevens-like vocals fused with musical arrangements similar to Fleet Foxes. What this concocts is an intriguing blend of the old and new, and that in itself is somewhat of a triumph.

It's Geva Alon's voice which provides the most intriguing yet problematic aspect of the record. His vocals seem fuelled by sorrow and heartache, which makes for a captivating listening experience but at the same time will probably prohibit Alon from penetrating the mainstream charts and ultimately reaching a larger audience. His voice is a niche product, something Alon himself might not care much about. In fact, he may be happier to reach a smaller and more appreciating set of fans.

It isn't only the vocals on the album that are fascinating. 'Valor Girl' is a song which breezes through with its steady and atmospheric melody and ends with a beautiful and eloquent guitar solo perfectly placed to give the song an enticing ambience. There are so many contrasting styles on the album: 'Carolina' starts out like a Tom Petty track but gradually transforms into a lyrically astute and effortlessly emotional song which wouldn't be out of place on a John Frusciante album.

The mix of various musical styles is delicately balanced and often works well. However, on a couple of songs the arrangement becomes a little blurred and as a result you get quite a dull final product. For instance, a song like 'She Calls My Name' is too soft to be a rock song, too simple to be a folk song, and not catchy enough to be a pop song so it gets lumped into being an album filler track.

Overall, In the Morning Light is a soulful and admirable record which has glimpses of brilliance and glimpses of the mediocre. It's apparent that Geva Alon will make a better record than this at some point but it's a pretty solid effort regardless.

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