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The View - Cheeky For A Reason

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2012-07-09

With a title like Cheeky For A Reason you might hope to find some kind clues as to why The View are the way they are - cheeky, and throwaway (as proven by their being dropped after last album Which Bitch?).

You won't find such revelations or even any massive divergence from what The View are all about here. 'How Long' is a rolling, drum-powered, feel-good song and sets the bar a little high for the rest of the album. They are still scamps providing the chant-along indie-rock they are known for - taking it to sickeningly obvious and manipulative levels. 'The Clock' is the kind of edgey rock they ought to focus on. Here, Kyle Falconer's voice suits the velvet guitar lines, twisted with reverb and grit.

The lyrics are what let him down most, however, with lines like "The fire exit door has never agreed with me, I'm never sure whether to push or pull". You're left asking yourself how drunk this young man actually is, despite how much his singing has progressed over the years. 'Piano Interlude' is a fleeting few seconds of what sounds like music from a Tom Hanks film but is utterly jarring and pointless. 'Sour Little Sweetie' and 'Tacky Tattoo' sum up a cringe-worthy effort at trying to be young and luckless, meat-and-potato poetic.

The sound which they appear to be forcing themselves towards is a very beige indie, planting their raucous tales into a very 00s-by-numbers noise. Almost everything about the album smacks of a lack of originality. Falconer has said the album sounds like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours done by The Clash, when actually it sound like The Kooks Inside In/Inside Out done by The View. There is greatness somewhere within The View, it's just hard to tell where it is, and whether solo albums could offer the answers rather than the aimless ploughing in fallow fields.

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