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Jack Savoretti - Before the Storm

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2012-06-04

Although he made a fairly low-key arrival back in 2007 with Between the Minds, before following it up with 2009's Harder Than Easy, Italian-English songwriter Jack Savoretti has since seen the likes of Ed Sheeran and Paulo Nutini make a name for themselves with a similar brand of pleasant coffee lounge music. So what can Savoretti's third album bring to the now crowded table?

Well, if the likes of lead single '


However, the flip side of that happy coin means he often strays into slight introspective MOR territory, especially on the workmanlike 'The Proposal', album closer 'For the Last Time' and ballad title track 'Before the Storm'.

All of which means there's little new on here to trouble the current crop of young singer-songwriters, but plenty still to shame the sterile crop of X Factor fodder, many of whom would struggle to sing, let alone write anything as enjoyable as the latin-influenced '


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