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Husky - Forever So

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2012-05-28

Anyone familiar with Sub Pop will know the label's a keen pioneer when it comes to discovering some seriously underrated talent and giving it to the world. The Shins, Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine have all benefited from the connection and now Australia's Husky Gawenda seeks to attract the attentions of the discerning music lover and quirky auteur film director with his official debut album.

It's certainly an album of two halves; the first a touch superior. 'Tidal Waves' atmospheric tone builds from an acoustic intro while the funky 'Fake Moustache' and beautiful, early Iron and Wine-sounding '

' in which a spine-tingling piano tinkle merges with some effective lyrical play. '"I went walking in the woods today and found the path that led me astray", Gawenda sings on one of the album's best songs.

From there, the dreamy, acoustic 'Hunter' and melancholy 'Dark Sea' showcase his knack for elevating a good melody in a standard three minute pop song. However, some of the rest feels a touch ordinary by comparison. Both 'Animals & Freaks' and closer 'Farewell (In 3 Parts)' feel over-long, while the nice harmonies of 'Hundred Dollar Suit' only just manage to lift it above the rest in this lesser second half.

Thankfully, the brooding waltz of '

' interjects some class, and the lullaby-like tinkling of 'Don't Tell Your Mother', though again long, does add something nice to finish. If he'd harnessed more of the magic of the first half here then Husky Gawenda might have made one of the albums of the year. But even with six or seven stand out tracks, it fully deserves to be up with the rest come December.

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