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S.Carey - Hoyas EP

by James Bray Rating:6 Release Date:2012-05-08

The Hoyas EP is the second solo release from Sean Carey, who is also well known as the drummer in Wisconsin indie-folk torch bearers Bon Iver. Contuing the style and sentiment of his debut All We Grow, Carey has created atmospheric soundscapes by using an organic approach to electronica; it sounds like he recorded this in a tent by a lake with laptop on a break from touring. Carey layers beats, string and vocals to create an expansive sound. The record sounds like Sigur Rós filtered through the American west or Midlake working with Caribou. In any case, it's very outdoorsy and romantic music made by a technically proficient muso.

This music seems to be of a particular place; it evokes Carey's native Wisconsin, all beholding bodies of water, yearning hot summers, melancholy cold winters and some introspection inbetween. Carey is obviously a talented musician but this release has side-project written all over it . It's more abstract, more experimental and more single-minded than a more mainstream record, and that isn't necessarily a good thing.
At his worst, Carey's art-house atmospherics become moping and self-indulgent but the best moments, like 'Inspir', do work well in a original way. Despite his excesses, the fact that Carey's music is so evocative shows that he's on to something with his solo work and that Bon Iver are lucky to have him in their ranks.

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