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Garbage - Not Your Kind of People

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:8.5 Release Date:2012-05-14

Nineties rock band Garbage have returned with their fifth studio album, which also happens to be their first in more than seven years. It may not feel like its been seven years, but sadly some of us have been sat in a world for nearly a decade where the only garbage around is the sort you'd throw away. However, it has to be said Garbage's latest offering is definitely something for fans to keep hold of.

Let's get that in there first: Not Your Kind of People is just flat-out brilliant. There are no bad songs from beginning to end. Admittedly there are a few that stand out more than others, but the band could have selected any track from this album to lead with. Reunited by drummer and Nirvana producer Butch Vig, the album comprises an eclectic blend of rock and electronic sounds mixed well with Shirley Manson's rocky yet soft vocals, with a tinge of haunting ambience thrown in for good measure.

Particular highlights from the album include 'Automatic Systematic Opening', 'Blood for Poppies', 'Control', 'I Hate Love' and 'Man on a Wire'. These tracks stand out as the best of the best with their mix of electro-rock and riveting, exciting lyrics and vocals from Manson. They're more than anyone could have expected. The only down point of the album is 'Sugar', which is a little too slow and just didn't have the fire and passion of the other tracks. That being said, it is still listenable and you definitely won't skip it.

Overall, this is a brilliant album, and excellent comeback record for the band. It sounds just like vintage Garbage, what we have come to love them for, with a few electronic tweaks to make it sound a little more fresh and exciting. With a new tour on the horizon and an album packed with this many great tracks, which fit perfectly next to their back catalogue, it's enough to get any fan excited enough to run out to buy their front row ticket.

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