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by Steve Reynolds Rating:5 Release Date:2012-05-08

OFF! are a collective of some of hardcore's finest ever exponents: Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Earthless/Rocket From the Crypt).

Together, they rifle through 16 songs in 16 minutes, which to most mere mortals is simply incomprehendable. The longest song, 'King Kong Brigade', clocks in at an elongated 1-min-37 and the band's inexhaustible love of frenetic, fast playing is replicated through the album. The artwork is all down to Raymond Pettibon who drew Black Flag's infamous singles and album sleeves during the napalm burning burgeoning days of early hardcore.

Expect lots of rapid riffing, nihilistic lyrics and a hard-hitting clash of heavy drumming and at times throat-shredding vocals. Add in some pummeling bass and you've got OFF! perfectly summed up. If this is your scene then you'll love and embrace every millisecond of it, literally!

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