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The Entrance Band - Latitudes Session

by Andy Brown Rating:7.5 Release Date:2012-05-04

Another fine Latitudes Sessions release from Southern Records. This time it's the turn of psych-rock three-piece The Entrance Band. This series of releases really excels at introducing people to new, underexposed and exciting music and The Entrance Band session is thankfully no exception. These three tracks were recorded after their appearance at the Animal Collective ATP last year where, like all the guests, they were hand-picked by the band to play.

This short set opens with the mighty 'New Orleans'; the track exploding with effects-pedals and Dead Meadow-esque riff worship. It's a sprawling, hazy and exciting ride as Guy Blakeslee warns us, "Please be careful darling, down in New Orleans". At nearly 12 minutes long, it's a superbly substantial and powerful slab of rock 'n' roll. It'll probably become my second favourite song about New Orleans ('New Orleans' by the Silver Jews being the first, what song were you thinking of?).

'Requiem for Juicy' is a shorter instrumental song, all fuzzy psychedelia and strung-out vibes. The set comes to a close with the death-blues ballad 'Last Kind Words' with Blakeslee howling like a more psychedelically inclined Jack White: "If I don't bring you flowers, I'll bring you coke and weed". At least it sounds like he's singing that.

If there's any downside to this release, it would be its brutally short running time (about 21 minutes) but it's not always about running time, is it? I mean, Cheryl Cole's new album will probably be a 60 minute pop-a-thon... But it'll be shit and this is great. The Entrance Band: they've been the ruin of many a poor boy and God, I know I'm one…

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