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Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way EP

by James Bray Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-12-06

This little EP is a collection of four different remixes of 'Everything Goes My Way', one of the best songs from Metronomy's 2011 album The English Riviera. Four permutations of the same song may sound like a bit of a trial, but the group's ambient beats work even better when they are this zoned out.

The original version of the song was infectious indie-melancholy while the remixes are more balearic. This was precisely what Joseph Mount of Metronomy was trying to achieve with his last record: to take moody, indie-guitar music on holidays (think Ibiza.)

This happened before in the mid-to-late 90s - remember Noel Gallagher's collaborations with The Chemical Brothers- and this EP develops upon the indie-electronica soundscapes of that era, what would have been Metronomy's youth. In fact, this record is extremely evocative of something that only exists in Joseph Mount's head, the english riviera.

The mixes are playful and it's interesting to hear the component parts pushed until they almost fall out of the songs. The best version is the Ewan Pearson remix where Roxanne Clifford's guest vocals really stand out against the twilight electronica.

Metronomy have a tendency to release remix EPs but this one is really cool. If you like this group or dance mix-tapes from the 90s, it's really worth a listen.

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