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Lightships - Electric Cables

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2012-04-17

It should come as no surprise to find that Lightships, fronted by Teenage Fanclub's Gerard Love, should be full of the same dreamy melodies his most famous band - affectionately known as The Fannies - have been peddling for many underrated years. Roping in some former band mates and Belle & Sebastian's bass player won't do much harm either for those keen for filler until The Fannies' next album arrives.

Keen to stress this is more experimental, improvised and free-flowing than the output of either TF or Love's most recent band, The Pastels, Electric Cables is as breezy as they come, capturing that fine line between spring and summer nicely. Opener '

' shares too. The short-but-sweet 'Every Blossom' certainly shares enough of both Fanclub's and B&S's DNA to be termed a cross-over, while the blossoming chorus of 'Silver & Gold' belies its rather tame verses.

Elsewhere, '

' is as delightfully embracing as its sounds, built around a simple metronomic guitar riff, while 'Girasol' dreamy backing continues this cosy mood. The slightly rockier 'Stretching Out' deviates from the template briefly before 'Photosynthesis' and 'Sunlight to the Dawn' round things off in typically melodic, flute-filled fashion.

In essence, Fannies fans are likely to be very happy indeed with this assortment of superior Teenage Fanclub b-sides elevated by some delightful melodies, stylishly played and crafted with Love, Gerard Love.

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