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Pinkunoizu - Free Time

by Leonie Mercedes Rating:8 Release Date:2012-03-26

When four former members of Danish eight-piece post-rock outfit Le Fiasko came together to form smaller band Pinkunoizu, they opened the door to deeper musical experimentation. Taking their name from the Japanese for 'pink noise', Pinkunoizu take a folkish blueprint and stretch it, contort it, adorn it almost beyond recognition with sounds sampled from far-reaching places (including those recorded around the house), lusciously layered to create immersive soundscapes studded with exotic curiosities.

Recording the album both in Copenhagen and Berlin, the itinerant quartet has evidently embraced their newfound fluidity and mobility with their debut album. Free Time contentedly sails from the Wild West flamenco of 'Cyborg Manifesto' to the 60s organ-laced 'Everything is Broken Or Stolen', while 'Myriad Pyramid' drops anchor in a Moroccan souk before setting off on a sleepy camel ride through the Sahara accompanied by distorting guitars.

Unfamiliar sounds come and go and proliferate. As a long-player, Free Time feels more like an organic process than a list of songs or destinations. Epics like the soothing sway of 'The Abyss', and the sublime closer 'Somber Ground' change the pace, and in the spirit of prog rock, embrace repetition so that the listener may bask and contemplate, allow themselves to be enveloped in an aural shisha cloud.

While Free Time gleefully samples from a smorgasbord of sounds, and puts everything together the way it sees fit, it is never tediously eclectic, rather feeling generous and revelling in its generosity, like a really good host at a dinner party. Play it and wonder why all music isn't made this way. Giddily absorbing.

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