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The Ting Tings - Sounds from Nowheresville

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:2 Release Date:2012-02-27

So The Ting Tings are back with their second stab at recording their second album after scrapping a whole recording previously intended for release, and to be honest I think I'd like to hear the intended first release, because this simply doesn't cut it.

The album is pretty much 30 minutes of moaning and chant-style vocals trying too hard to sound unique. What made The Ting Tings unique when they first released That's Not My Name was the catchy pop style which was unique to them and had everyone humming their choruses for days. This album is simply lacking in that completely. From beginning to end, we have The Ting Tings trying to do something new and a little bit different but it simply doen't work and the album becomes painful and boring to listen to after a while - and it's only on for half an hour.

There is a highlight to the album, however. Yes, it's only one but at least it's something to save this record. Tracks eight and nine slow down completely and are different to anything I've heard them do before - more heartfelt with delicate vocals and enjoyable lyrics. To be honest, if they'd done this all the way through, the album would have been thoroughly enjoyable and different.

However, the Ting Tings didn't take this route, leaving this album to find its way to the bargain bucket. Buy if you love them no matter what, but if you simply just remember their previous hits and are opting to give them a go I wouldn't bother, save your money for something else.

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