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Anison - Memory Flashes

by Dan Clay Rating:5 Release Date:2012-04-30

Less edgy, more electronic rock is a market that Muse have had cornered now for several years and something both The Mission and Sisters of Mercy did well a couple of decades ago. Now Kingston-based band Anison make a bid for their territory with a fair bit of XFM and 6 Music airplay to back them up.

On songs like rocky opener 'Repeat the Process' and '

', what starts as pleasantly grungy soon develops into samey as the album progresses. It's on moments like the softer closing track 'Imaginary Lists' that the band showcase qualities which could have made for a more varied debut album, with a nice piano and choral backing, lifting the track above everything else here, even if 'Pedestrian Thespian' gets the nod for best track title.

If you like your grunge melancholy and moody then Anison may be just right for you. If, however, you keep thinking Jennifer every time you hear the band's name, then maybe you're not going to be making friends with them just yet.

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