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Tindersticks - The Something Rain

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2012-02-20

Tindersticks' newie The Something Rain is their ninth studio album and features only three band members. Head honco is the doleful Stuart Staples and he carries with him David Boulting on organ/accordion and Neil Fraser on guitar. 'Chocolate' makes for a slightly eerie opening with a soft, spoken-word vocal by Boulting documenting a day in the life and tales of work, baths, biscuits, drinking and some slightly not-so-normal copping-off (a la Crying Game).

'Show Me Everything' puts the melancholy and mournful baritone vocal of Staples back to the fore with his sorry storytelling warble over a metronomic and primitive drum beat before a spray of freeform jazz and a haunting female shriek see the song to its finale. What is hypnotic about Tindersticks is their ability to captivate the listener with their stripped-bare musical arrangements, varied take on lounge jazz and eclectic use of instruments. For evidence of this, see 'This Fire of Autumn' with its plink-plonk xylophone and clever maraca placement.

'Slipping Shoes' starts all Sade like before Staples' viscous voice and a barrage of sax nudge the song back on an even keel. 'Medicine' crawls along with a haunting violin and trip hop style intro. Staples even offers his services as an alternative quack - something you wouldn't be able to take lightly. The skittish, shimmering beats of 'Frozen' and doubled up Staples vocal create an incandescent and warming feel and is the stand out track.

The Something Rain demonstrates that music doesn't have to pummel the listener into submission to be both captivating and thrilling. Tindersticks still have the belief and creative edge to be more than relevant in 2012.

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