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Pulled Apart by Horses - Tough Love

by Miz DeShannon Rating:8 Release Date:2012-01-23

It's a part of history, the Yorkshire-Lancashire divide - hundreds of years of bickering and battling over who as the best coloured flower or the biggest cathedral, among other things of course. In a musical climate where all Lancashire seems to be doing is regurgitating old muso's dreams, topping up pension funds and paying dental bills, Yorkshire on the other had have got it right on the money and are churning out acts like Pulled Apart By Horses.

The second album from the four-piece, Tough Love is packed with punchy, hard-hitting riffs and drums, solid basslines, Hudson's vocals leaning to that metalcore, Bring Me the Horizon way of yelping at times, but manageably so. They apparently have a frantic live set, where band members are often injured. Bless, so much excitement! Fits the music perfectly though, and 'Tough Love' absolutely gives off the energy and intensity that the band obviously eat/sleep/breathe.

Heavy dynamics and driving rhythms throughout, each song on the album actually has a story behind it, all be it a small funny one (see NME) and is a definite development on their 2010 debut. There is improved musicianship, solid and ambitious tracks and ferocious momentum, and some appropriate production from Gil Norton (Foo Fighters/Pixies).

 slaps you in the face as the opening track, starting as the album so exuberantly goes on - in your face hardcore punk. A great choice for a single (released November 11 2011), followed by the equally in-your-face but grungier 'Wolf Hand', apparently the basis for the album in that it's about growing up and moving on. The pace only slows a little at 'Epic Myth', and only a little - if you've got a good ear it's noticeable. Still lots of guitar and double-pedalling though. These guys must drink lots of energy drink.

There isn 't really any basic change to the songs in this album - the pace stays the same throughout, there aren't any ballads or radio edit type tracks. It's all about the tempo changes, the drops, the layers of sounds and vocals, and lack of anything other than pure guitar, drums and bass. 'Tough Love' is all full-on, hard-hitting, instantly engaging and filled with catchy melodies - isn't that a term used for pop? Apologies, but they do give you that sense of having heard it before, though not in any kind of uninventive copy-cat manner. It's because the whole thing is so well written, it's branded into your musical memory on first listen. There's even a love song on he album: 'Bromance Ain't Dead' is the band's ode to one another.

Pulled Apart By Horses' second effort is effortlessly thrilling, but not for those of a delicate disposition. It's a bit punk, a bit rock, a bit hardcore, a bit something-more-beardable-than At the Drive In. The only bad thing I found was that it was all over and done with too fast.

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