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Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2012-01-30

Errors are back with their third album Have Some Faith in Magic and have seemingly grown some big balls and manned up, as musically it's much more muscular and braver than 2010's Come Down With Me. Keeping with their post-electro sound with a light smattering of ethereal vocals throughout, it's a kaleidoscope of cinematic chunks of electronica but on a much larger and grandiose scale than anything they have done previously. The four-piece continue to focus on the cheery side of music and try to stray away from the harsh abrasive sounds available to them. This is demonstrated superfluously on opener 'Tusk' which more than sets the tone for the whole album. It's much more spacious and focussed with some uplifting, chiming keys and soaring guitar chords.

'Magna Encarta' is much more hypnotic and magical. Leaving you with a wanting to get up and dance, it's catchy and aggressively urgent with the faint choir vocal languishing at the back, wrapping the whole song up perfectly. 'Blank Media' is much more cautious and to a degree treads water a little, but it's a minor setback as 'Pleasure Palaces' is back on the money with its bleeps and dots jotting around. This track wouldn't be out of place on New Order's Substance. Its charismatic, slick-punchy beats and fat synth pummelling leaves you resurrecting all those surreal music passions you'd almost forgotten about.

The onomatopoeia of 'The Knock' delights with deluded twists of ostentatious electronica and avant garde which bring out all the necessary endorphins without the need to go on a five mile jog to produce the same effect. Errors have apparently been holed up working on this with a meticulous attention to detail and the result is bristling with hedonism harnessed by a band working in a rich vein of creativity, demonstrated on the colourful and driving 'Earthscore'.

'Cloud Chamber' is a picturesque slowed down number and the haunting vocal juxtaposes the tick tock beats more than amiably. They end with the climbing beauty of 'Holus Bolus' as the synth hits the upper echelons of exuberance before fading out to a hail of noise.

Errors have made something special on their 'difficult third album' and the clever use of synths and guitars, applied sparingly without the need for flabbing out tracks, makes this an extremely tight and enjoyable album. Have Faith in Magic has raised the electronica bar already and if there is a better knitted outfit of similar ilk in 2012, I'll be dumbfounded. Magical!

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Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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