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Sun Glitters - High

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2011-12-05

If you're familiar with last year's Everything Could Be Fine LP from Luxembourg's Victor Ferreira, aka Sun Glitters, then you'll know exactly where you are once the lush, syrupy synth textures of this EP's title track swell from your speakers. There's no great reinvention here: Ferreira's music is more like natural phenomena then sculpted sound; it's begins, ebbs and flows for a while, then it fades out.

What we get on this EP is three original tracks plus three remixes from other artists. And it's all really nice: warm, amniotic, comforting. It's quite chillwave, with little nods to dubstep as with the squeaky, sped-up vocal samples on 'It Takes Me (MMOTHS Remix)'. There's nowt wrong with that, as my mother never said what with her being a Southerner, but then there's no real incentive for you to buy this if you've already got Everything Could Be Fine. Only a late outbreak of 80s-style drum pads on Sumsun's remix of 'They Don't Want to Let You Know' widens the established sound palette and provides the EP's best moment.

I'm not saying High is inessential, as placing such a value on music this sedate seems a little redundant - if you love this kind of trippy, fuzzy stuff then you should definitely get this EP. But I doubt even serious aficionados of such music will be playing High that often.

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