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Young Astronaut - Fawn

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2012-01-24

Springing from the depths of the New Forest, brothers Chris and Pete Boakes have assembled their

, written over several years, and have chosen to give it away for free to budding music fans. They say the best things in life are free, don't they, so does Fawn live up to the phrase?

Lead song

shows just what the band are capable of, moving from its slow acoustic intro towards a stirring finale; it's an early highlight and the finest track on offer here. 'Broken Teeth' is a little less memorable and a little louder, while the rockier 'Dust' and 'Hey Little Ghost' follow a similar line, showcasing the band's fusion of acoustic, indie and folk well.

However, it's the quieter moments which stand out better, such as the beautiful piano-led 'The Cloud Collector' and the lovely 'Sugar is Sweeter Than Gold'. Elsewhere, 'The Artist and the Villain' has a certain Levellers-style rant that's worth a listen, and Mumford & Sons' influence shows on tracks like 'Harmony' and closer 'Death in the Foothills'.

An interesting debut then; one that, though free, has the quality to demand being paid for. To download a copy and donate (very Radiohead), visit

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