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Gilbert - Wahoola

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-11-19

Gilbert Linley's second album treads a similar line to Bon Iver, with his minimalist approach and fairly laid-back vibe. Featuring Maud Waret more prominently than the first offering, Wahoola comes off like a collaboration between Iver and Florence + the Machine - which is no bad thing. Opener

is a perfect example why. "It's all so bright in ancient light," sings Waret over an electronic backing which ebbs and flows like the waves. 'Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow,' does exactly the same, bringing in strings and harp to impressive effect.

While the title track goes for an odd mix of dub and drum 'n' bass, a complete departure from the sheer loveliness of the first two tracks, thankfully normal service is resumed for the beautiful 'Red Leaves Floating on the Water', a gorgeously sublime ballad and the best moment on the album. Elsewhere, 'Where (Are You)?' brings a few of Colplay's Viva La Vida stirring string pulses, the poppy 'Blow the Trumpets' is a strange mix of choral chants and Maret's soft voice, and 'So Far Away' shows welcome comparisons with Sarah McLachlan's Delirium collaboration, 'Silence'.

While closing track 'Let's Go Away' is a touch more melancholy and less melodic as a result, there's plenty of evidence here to suggest that Engineers' drummer Linley can craft beautifully haunting songs which resonate deeper than Florence's warbling, and that Maret is an understated talent to watch.

Very promising.

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