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Moon Duo - Horror Tour

by Miz DeShannon Rating:5 Release Date:2011-10-31

Moon Duo, the experimental psych-rock project from Wooden Shjips' lead singer/guitarist Erik Ripley Johnson and his missus Senae Yamada, have jumped on the Hallowe'en bandwagon and released Horror Tour, a Hallowe'en themed instrumental EP, complete with grotesque artwork. With the only vocals coming from Johnson on the title track, based on themes from an antique books of spells discovered at a library sale, it's a droney, sparse and slightly indulgent piece - overall a considerable change from their last acclaimed release Mazes.

There are elements in the first two tracks of the EP that reflect what you'd expect from Mood Duo. 'Horror Tour' starts with samples, apt Hammer Horror-style footsteps and a creaking door, neatly leading into the melody with a thumping drum, wailing guitar solo and Johnson's hugely reverbed voice spookily drifting in and out. There are typical variants on their repetitive, goth-like, Kraut-inspired music, a la Wooden Shjips. Mesmerising and continual, the signature hammond keys are there again on the un-Hallowe'en sounding 'Causing a Rainbow', haunting with that same low-fi electro-stoner wall of noise you'd find in Silver Apples or Can.

Despite the use of primitive, fevered beats and ambient synth sounds, Horror Tour doesn't evoke the same impression as Moon Duo's live performance in the slightest, where their music has a lot more feeling and passion, it's exciting. The 10 minute droning whirr 'Sickener' is one big long meditative exploration with layers of reverb and noise which somewhat outstays its welcome after half its time. It's as though they started with good ideas, packed them into the first two songs, and got fed up by track three. With track four, 'Circle of Evocation Pt.2' being basically 2:30 of what sounds like running water, they'd definitely given up at this point.

There isn't enough emphasis on experimental sounds and inventive noises to make this an interesting EP to listen to. It's less psychedelic journey more drab monotony, the good start soured by the lackadaisical end. Moon Duo have a fabulously energetic live show, but this recording sadly makes it all sound flat and slightly boring after a while. Put this back on the shelf and get your hands on a different one of their releases.

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