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Nurses - Dracula

by James Bray Rating:8 Release Date:2011-09-19

Nurses music reaches for stratospheric heights but the band has much humbler origins, being formed in Idaho around childhood buddies Aaron Chapman and John Bowers. The band had been going since the mid 2000s and Dracula is their third album of psychedelic electro-rock. The band have moved all around the states and you can hear the odyssey in their music. They're a bit like Empire of the Sun, they even have similar future-fantasy, asian inflected beats in 'Trying to Reach You'. Their cross-cultural influences are slightly different though, with this album sounding a bit like a lost soundtrack to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Nurses make strange alien sounds; there are discordant melodies and swathes of interference and distortion, but the album still manages to sound sweet. The music is challenging yet it's still fun and accessible, especially on tracks like 'Extra Fast'. Nurses sound like they're broadcasting from some space-pirate radio station. There are waves upon waves of sound but the songs are mixed in a way that makes them cohesive. Nurses manage to be strange and ambient and still produce coherent little songs.

The band play with their sound, they skew sweet, conventional melodies to create something unfamiliar and compelling. The only thing you could criticse are the vocals, which can sometimes be a bit too interstellar. On their third record, Nurses have really hit their stride and hopefully their odyssey is just getting started.

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