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Deison - Night Sessions

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2011-06-02

Aptly named, this. Night Sessions by Cristiano Deison, ex of Meathead, is the perfect soundtrack to lying awake in the pre-dawn hours, listening to your breath rattling through your body and wondering about all those sudden, muffled noises outside. In its warm, amniotic pulse, its sudden outbreaks of unearthly effects and its relentless, subconscious, sentinel throb, Night Sessions spirits you straight to those twilight hours when your imagination is unmoored and the fantastical seems horribly or beautifully possible.

Collaborating with friends and fellow artists including Scanner, Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop, Phyler), and Franck Vigroux, Deison has crafted 13 tracks of uneasy yet dreamy listening. Influenced by Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle and Nurse with Wound, the somnambulist likes of 'Morning Blues', 'Sleepless Train' and, in particular, the gorgeous 11 minute closing statement, 'Qualcose Do Morto', perfectly capture an aching, bleary-eyed sensibility, that sleep-deprived state where even a trip to the shops becomes a surreal voyage.

Of course, it goes without saying that this is stoner music par excellence, but if you steer clear of the reefer you shouldn't be put off. Night Sessions is simply first class ambient music, and a beautiful way to spend an hour or so of your life, whether it be in the dead of night or a lazy afternoon.

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