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Feist - Metals

by Lawrence Poole Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-10-03

The daughter of an abstract expressionist painter and a ceramics student, Leslie Feist was always fated to be something of a beguiling, artistic force. Metals, her fifth album in 11 years, should keep the Canadian singer-songwriter's star in the ascendency.

While lacking the radio-tastic, iPod-flogging crossover hits of yore ('Mushaboom', '1234'), it is easily her most mature and contemplative record to date. Melancholy, yet thoughtful and in places lyrically uplifting - Metals certainly gets the old grey matter ticking. Guitars, keyboards and sax fuse together lushously with Feist's smooth vocals on opener 'The Bad in Each Other', while recent single 'How Come You Never Go There' oozes sultry sass.

Elsewhere, 'Comfort Me' and album closer 'Get It Wrong, Get It Right' meander daintily while delivering real lyrical heart.

It may not be her most accessible record, but Metals glistens none the less.

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