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The Icarus Line - Wildlife

by Steve Reynolds Rating:4 Release Date:2011-08-29

The Icarus Line are back with new album Wildlife which was originally named after singer Joe Cardamone, titled 'Joe Cardamone vs The Icarus Line'. It almost demonstrated a one-man mission in keeping the spirit of the band alive while all around him resembled the rotation system of a football team rammed with fickle mercenaries. From the start, the album is has deep dark roots in the blues with 'King Baby' and Cardamone's throwaway loose vocal hollers: "They call me the cocaine kid, they call me the never dead', it's like he's fighting back against the people who thought he was dead in the music business and has nothing left to offer.

Beyond this, however, 'We Sick' stinks of plagiarism with the ghost of Iggy & the Stooges stamping their influences all over it. 'Soul Slave' is sub-standard glam stomp with a passing resemblance to the elementary boogie of 'Rocks' era Primal Scream but is crucially bereft of any their boogie and simple catchiness. The album sounds like a band going through the musical motions, too bored and half-arsed to commit any decent tunes to Wildlife. A prime example is the funereal 'Its alright' with its walking dead musical arrangement and mournful Cardamone vocal. 'Venomous' straps on the guitar but fails to copy anything more than trad rockers Jet had to offer at their best.

In total there are 13 tracks on Wildlife and at times it's torture wading through the latter songs. The Icarus line are certainly not a band at the height of their musical creativity with this rather tiresome listen. It looks like Cardamone should have stuck with his original choice of album title because it's one hell of a fight he has on his hands now to prevent another album of hand-wringing and laborious output.

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