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Patti Smith - Outside Society

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:10 Release Date:2011-09-12

Rock legend Patti Smith has returned to the music scene with a collection of incredible songs that span her four-decade-long career.

In a small video the enduring iconoclast made online, she discusses the tracks on this latest collection of some of her greatest songs. Speaking about the selection of the tracks on the album, Smith tells the audience that she "Picked songs that spoke for the whole band" before elaborating that these 18 tracks all contain a message and have something to say about politics, rock 'n' roll, life, summer and love.

This incredibly talented and influential rock poet cemented her legend back in 1975 with her amazing debut album Horses. She has since gone on to win critical acclaim and fans the world over, not forgetting a huge array of awards including the Polar Music Prize back in May, giving testament to her longevity and relevance in the ever-changing music world.

The album contains a number of great tracks from different points in her career including 'Gloria', 'People Have the Power', 'Dancing Barefoot' and some of her more recent work such as 'Glitter in Their Eyes' and '1959', not forgetting two of her most well known tracks, her biggest hit to date 'Because the Night', and the ever popular 'Rock N Roll Nigger', containing the lyric "outside in society" which gives the compilation its name, and what Smith herself describes as "a nice little song". There is also a great cover of the Nirvana classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' which Patti takes and makes her own, in a way only she could, slowing it down but still maintaining its rock angst.

The selection of the songs truly is great, and as a huge fan of Patti Smith I can honestly say for anyone out there who may be wondering what this woman is all about, you should definitely pick up this album, because it not only contains some of her greatest songs but also showcases her incredible rock angst vocal and superb lyrics which contain meanings on so many different levels and send out truly important messages to our society.

Smith has described rock and roll as "the people's art" and says in her small six minute recording that "It belongs to the people." Well, here I must say the rock 'n' roll truly belongs to Smith and I hope she continues to churn out more meaningful and brilliant songs for years to come, because the music world needs her, and this album showcases everything that is great about the legendary Patti Smith.

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