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Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2011-08-29

Much in the same way as The Horrors, Crouch End's Bombay Bicycle Club have decided to revisit the past in a bid to move forwards. After last year's acoustic offering Flaws, they return with an album as indie as could be, with nods to Simple Minds and Stone Roses. What does that have to say though in a post-00s world?

Starting well, 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep' brings synths and a catchy chorus over which lead singer Jack Steadman implores "Could you bag me up". From there, the stomp of 'Your Eyes' and crescendo of 'Lights Out, Words Gone' - the latter's soaring backing vocals a highlight - show Steadman's band are maturing all the time.

delightfully jaunty pop breezes along nicely at the half way mark; a good choice of lead single. With a looping piano sound and chirpy vibe it's the second best thing on the album. It's followed by a quieter second half as the acoustic 'Beggars' and ballad-like 'Fracture' showcase the band's more melancholy side. 'What You Want's picking guitar intro gives way to some standard indie later on as synths and crunching guitar combine effectively, although without the required melody to keep us hooked 'til the end.

So thank God then for closing song 'Still', the sort of track Radiohead might manage if they could be bothered anymore. Coming out of nowhere given the previous 11 offerings, Steadman's falsetto soars over an emotional piano backing; it's the album's sweetest moment and a sure sign of where this band should be headed to break out of the indie mould.

I guess 'If it' aint broke don't fix it' could apply; the band's doing well after all, but while this third album is a perfectly good indie record, let's hope Crouch End's finest give themselves and us a different fix next time. Something dark.

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