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Placebo - Placebo

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2000-01-31

Brian Molko, everyone's favourite ladyboy, certainly made his mark withPlacebo's most notorious single: "Nancy Boy", a tale of gay sex and eye-holes in paper bags launched a dozen Student Union Bar spoofs("Bacon sandwich up my bum / Watching Newsnight just for fun") and propelled Placebo into the Top 10 and tabloid infamy with a single deft stroke. As David Bowie's protégées--he personally invited them to support him on his European tour and plugged them everywhere he went--it's no surprise to find Placebo metallic and shiny with his double-jointed glam riffery. Married to the heavy metal and Cure records Placebo obviously adore, it makes for an unexpectedly compelling sound: the sheer sleazy energy of the aforementioned "Nancy Boy" made its simple buzzy mantra horribly addictive, while "Bruise Pristine" hardly ruins the party.--Caitlin Moran

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