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Laura Stevenson and The Cans - Sit Resist

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2011-07-25

Sit Resist is the sophomore album by five-piece Laura Stevenson and the Cans, the former being the main instigator and songwriter of the band. Laura grew up in a very musical family, having been led down the musical path by her grandfather via the piano and her grandfather's wife who was a jazz singer of note with Benny Goodman.

Sit Resist is a semi-acoustic album with Stevenson's voice the focal point throughout. Her dolcet tones wrap eloquently around opener 'Halloween Pts 1 & 2' and it's a maudlin start which builds and builds to a crescendo of electric guitars, accordion and militaristic drums. The lyrics are quite touching and fragile: "I am overlooked, I hear every word you say". It's like a yearning for love or a sonnet to a passing sweetheart.

'Master of Art' is the current single and Laura's C&W twang makes for an uplifting lyrical virtuoso set against a bank of chiming guitar. 'Caretaker' is much earthier and drops a passing nod to Mazzy Star. It's awash with strings, stripped-down acoustic melancholy and an unnerving heartfelt vocal delivery. It couldn't be any further separated from 'The Healthy One', which is almost jolly in comparison with its jaunty accordion and uplifting refrain.

'8:08' is a story of a broken love and the chiming guitar, violin and Stevenson's fragile vocal is both haunting and touching. Halfway through, the song really hits utopia with Stevenson pleading "I'll be on my knees if you want me to beg". It's the album's highlight and subsequent torch song. 'Red Clay Roots' is stripped bare and distinctly lo-fi while 'Barnacles' is a full on band assault full of horns and effervescent joy.

I can't criticise the tracks too much as they are well crafted and arranged. However, the lack of hooks really fails to up the ante. That said, if you like folk-tinged pop and ethereal melancholy then Sit Resist should be right up your street.

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