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Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1996-05-01

In coming back after the disappearance of guitarist Richey Edwards, Everything Must Go had to be special. Thankfully, the album shows extreme dignity in the face of adversity, with its big, Phil Spector-ish production and the pure lyrical perfection of "A Design For Life" (the least patronising, most spot on discussion of the working class ever to reach number two in the charts). Richey Edward's influence is still evident, as "Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky" is a pit of despair, but it is much more subtle than anything on "The Holy Bible", delicately comprised of James' vocals and a harp. Their love of art and literature continues, referencing Sylvia Plath ("The Girl Who Wanted To Be God"), war photographer Kevin Carter, and artist Willem De Kooning (on "Interiors", surely one of Nicky Wire's best bass parts since "La Tristesse Durera"). It's little surprise that this was the album to finally shove the Manics into the mainstream. --Emma Johnston

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